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Are BaseAire Dehumidifiers Energy Efficient?

Are BaseAire Dehumidifiers Energy Efficient?

Yes! BaseAire dehumidifiers are able to extract the same amount of humidity from the air like any other dehumidifier but only for consuming up to 20% less energy. BaseAire dehumidifiers can easily save you $25 from your energy bill, compared to non-energy star models.

How much would a BaseAire dehumidifier increase your electricity bill by?

It is true that buying a dehumidifier will increase your electricity bill, however, the exact amount is directly dependent on how long you run the dehumidifier. This is not saying that a dehumidifier will not save you money in the long term.

Here are some of the financial benefits of a BaseAire dehumidifier:

  • Our dehumidifiers are so efficient that you will save over 90% of the money used to repair high humidity damages on the house before buying a dehumidifier.
  • A BaseAire dehumidifier guarantees that you will never need to spend any more money buying expensive anti-mold cleaning products.
  • A BaseAire dehumidifier will clean and warm the indoor air, which reduces the amount of electricity consumption need to warm the house.

How will your BaseAire dehumidifier saves on your electricity bill:

  • The dry air from the dehumidifier requires less energy to heat when warming up the home.
  • Eliminates any heat energy waste, especially in the winter. This is because of the improved comfort levels of the clean, warm air from the dehumidifier means there won't be any need to open windows or doors for ventilation thus keeping the warmth indoors.
  • Since the BaseAire dehumidifier warms the air after extracting the moisture, you can lower your thermostat, hence consuming less electricity.
  • A BaseAire dehumidifier comes equipped with an auto-humidistat. This turns the dehumidifier on and off depending on the number of humidity levels in the house. This directly saves you money.

With a BaseAire dehumidifier, you enjoy comfort as you save money!

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What is energy factor?

The efficiency of a dehumidifier is rated by an energy factor. The liters of water extracted per kilowatt-hour of electricity used(L/kWh) is used by energy star to rate dehumidifiers. A more efficient dehumidifier is the higher their energy factor. Choose a BaseAire dehumidifier with a higher energy star rating to save more money.

What should other factors consider reducing the electricity consumption of the dehumidifier?

  • It is important to remember the BaseAire dehumidifier can only maintain the humidity of the indoor air. It is important to close up most damaged ventilations or avoid leaving the windows or doors open. This will lead to more moist air get into the house, hence the dehumidifier will run continually without lowering the humidity.
  • Repair any internal causes of high humidity. – it important to identify the reason for the increased humidity. Some of the fixable reasons include : 
  • Proper drainage of rainwater around the house. If most of the rainwater ends up resting around the basement. this moist will end up in the basement walls and floor thus increasing the humidity levels. This can be easily fixed by adding a cutter to the roof and directing the rainwater away from the house.
  • Leaking pipes – all leaks should be repaired to avoid additional moisture in the house. Insulation of the cold pipes could also greatly reduce the amount of moisture condensation in-house. 
  • Proper maintenance of the dehumidifier – the BaseAire dehumidifiers require little maintenance but the collection tray should be emptied too often if the house is extremely moist.

What other key features make BaseAire dehumidifiers the best choice?

  1. Mobility - BaseAire dehumidifiers differ in size and there are small and portable dehumidifiers that can be easily moved from one room the other.
  2. Automatic reset – in case of power outage BaseAire dehumidifiers are able to automatically revert to the previously set settings.
  3. Defrost mode – all BaseAire dehumidifiers are equipped with state of the art anti-freezing coolant rodes that ensure the dehumidifier remains fully operational in even in low temperatures.
  4. Noise level – we all know of someone who owns a dehumidifier that makes drilling noises when operational. Don’t make that mistake buy a BaseAire dehumidifier their noise level are as low as possible so as not to interfere with the comfort of your home!

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