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AirWerx140X $1378.00

AirWerx 140X Dehumidifier for Basement and Whole House 140 Pints/Day With Pump

List Price: $1899.00
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  • Power: 115V/60Hz
  • Approved for commercial use: Yes
  • Size for: Up to 3,800 Sq. Ft
  • Air Flow: 420 CFM
  • Installation type : Medium size rooms
  • Remote control: Yes
  • Length: 18.10 in.
  • Height: 33.90 in.
  • Width: 19.30 in.

Key Features:
140 Pints/Day,AHAM (80ºF, 60%);
250 Pints/Day, Saturation (90ºF, 90%).

100 Pints/Day @ (73ºF, 60%).
Size for: 3,800 Sq. Ft.
WiFi controller: HVAC Remote System. (Coming soon ......)
Outlet: 8" big diameter air outlet, focused dehumidifying
Draining: Condensate pump
Supper COP: 2.75L/KWH.

The AirWerx 140X is our most powerful dehumidifier on the market. Made for houses with high levels of humidity. The best option for water damage restoration of any size. The AirWerx 140X is a unique and powerful dehumidifier.
The AirWerx 140X is stand-alone configured dehumidifier with a powerful fan that makes it the ideal dehumidifier for all size basements and the whole house. The unit has two stages of air filtration: The MERV-1 filters (filters out mold spore, dust particles) and the MERV-10 filters (filters out smaller size dust components and dust mites)

Capacity: The AirWerx 140X has a capacity of 140 pints per day (PPD) of moisture. This is very impressive comparing its size and the amount of energy it consumes.

Performance: The AirWerx 140X is specially designed to remain fully operational at low temperature.
The unit advanced design allows it to use the air already processed to stimulate air circulation when installing in a space (like the crawl space, basement or whole house) with airflow issues.

Fully operational at Low temperatures.
Easy access to the main board for easy maintenance.
Hot gas valve defrosting system.
Design to stimulate air flow in spaces with air flow issues.
Pipe drainage for the extracted water pumps out by the condensate pump.
Filter for air purification.
Full water protection.
Epoxy powder coating.

Warranty: The AirWerx 140X has a 5 years warranty.
We at BaseAire ensure that all our units are thoroughly checked and tested, to ensure they are 100% operational to meet and exceed our customer's needs and expectations.

Customer support: At BaseAire we have a dedicated technical support team that is available hotline support for our customers. We ensure that all our customer are able to receive the help they need promptly. For any queries with The AirWerx 140X unit send us an email or call us now!
Get rid of the mold, pest infestation, and allergies today – buy The AirWerx140X


Approved for commercial use
Size for
Up to 3,800 Sq. Ft
Air Flow
420 CFM
Installation type
Medium size rooms
Remote control
Display type
Sound level
<60 DBA
Condensate pump
Compressor type
Defrosting control system
HGV defrosting
Bypass air sensor
Memory starting
All set settings remain the same even after a restart
Automatic humidistat control
Easy handling
Plug and play design – easy to operate
103.0lbs (47Kgs)
MERV-1 Filter, MERV-10 Filter, Cold catalyst filter
4 universal wheels
Revolution SLGR Technology


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  • Edward Adam Davis a year ago

    Perfect dehumidifier for the basement. Purchased for my Grandson. He was so happy with it. Couldn't wait to show me the improvement it made in the smell and air quality.It's quite, easy to empty the bucket, & really doing the job in a very humid room.

  • Kevin a year ago

    This is my second dehumidifier in a 3,500-square-foot warehouse in South Florida. The 140 pints dehumidifier is twice the size and capacity I bought in 2015. Both are continuously running and need to be dumped 2-3 times a day. It does make the temperature in the house feel cooler. This is a bit noisy, but definitely do what I need it to do! The dehumidifier can help me solve the problem of excessive humidity in the warehouse.

  • Rock a year ago

    Until now, I have only used it for about two weeks and it works very well. Before that, I spent $1,800 on other dehumidifiers. It took only 3 years. BaseAire is much less noisy than the other, and it works just as well, saving a lot of money. If you use these dehumidifiers, time will tell you how long they can be used.

  • Simon a year ago

    Living in a humid southern state, I was quick to fall in love with a good dehumidifier. All I can say is, "WOW!" My house is small but VERY drafty. I would get condensation on the windows which would cause mold on the windows and walls. This machine covers 4,000sqft+ so I knew it would easily cover the entirety of the house. After only 12hrs, the water collection bin was full. I could not believe how much moisture is caught in my house. Less costly and easier to replace one of these than my air conditioning system which works less now. In less than 24hrs, I am thoroughly impressed.

  • Karen a year ago

    No joke guys. We just moved from Atlanta to North East Texas. There's so much humidity that the undersides of my pillows on my bed were getting mildew spots (so gross!) and the bath towels are taking almost two days to dry. It was so bad, the walls were covered with mold and my coats and shoes looked like they were in the bottom of a pond. I bought this to hope to remove that moisture. I’ve had it running for less than 2 days, and now the closet is dry, it has removed around 16 oz of condensation from the closet. At first I was spectical about this unit due to the closet being so cold because some of these dehumidifiers don’t operate well in lower temperatures. But I must say that I am beyond pleased. It's compact, quiet, and big enough, so I don't have to check it every day. I’m a real dude that had a real problem and this product fixed it fast and efficiently. I highly recommend it guys. Great product!

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