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BaseAire 5.9 in 11.5 Feet Aluminium Flexible air Duct for HVAC Ventilation, Compatible with AirWerx55, AirWerx90, AirWerx90X Dehumidifier

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  • Size for : AirWerx55 :AirWerx 90 :AirWerx90x

When layflat ducting is connected to the air outlet, it can change the air direction. It adopts aluminum foil for the outlet of airflow. This ducting is mainly used 5.9 in.

Product Specifications

Material:  aluminum foil;
                steel wire 

Dimensions: 5.9 in of diameter 

Compatible with:
AirWerx 90 dehumidifier
AirWerx 90X dehumidifier
AirWerx 55 dehumidifier


Size for
AirWerx55 :AirWerx 90 :AirWerx90x


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