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Protect your mouth and lungs for the crawl space environment with this toxic dust respirator.

The head band is adjustable to fit- one size fits all. Adult sizes only.

Product Information

Material: Rubber

1. Instructions for use:

Hold the end of the strap with both hands, pull the strap as far as possible, so that the mask can completely cover the upper nose and mouth area, connect the fastener behind the neck and seal the mask with the face.

2. Pull the end of the strap and tighten it further.

3. Before use, check the mask to determine whether it is properly sealed, cover the inlet side of the filter box with the palm of your hand, and gently inhale for 5-10 seconds. If the mask is slightly recessed, it proves to be effective.

If the air leak is detected during the test, adjust the tightness of the mask, and readjust the elastic straps to eliminate the leak and re-tighten the inspection until it is qualified.

4. During the use process, when the user smells the smell or the inhalation resistance increases, the service life of the filter cartridge has expired, please replace the filter cartridge or cotton immediately.


2. Special precautions for users

1. Please do not use this mask when the oxygen concentration is less than 18%.

2. Please do not use it in the following cases.

Hazardous substances are unknown

The concentration of harmful substances reaches a concentration that immediately endangers life and health

When you smell or taste harmful substances.

3. Do not modify this mask.

4. Before use, qualified personnel should conduct pre-use training.

5. When not in use, store the mask away from contaminants and keep it sealed.



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