High-Performance Dehumidification & Air Filtration for Your Crawl Space

High-Performance Dehumidification & Air Filtration for Your Crawl Space

Humidity in the crawl space can cause serious structural damage to the foundation. High humidity levels and condensation in the crawlspace provide the perfect environment for mildew and mold to grow, damp smell, and wood rot. These issues can cause serious health issues, lead to the house losing value, and affect the air quality in the house.

What causes high humidity in the crawl space?

Most houses are built with enough ventilation spaces to allow proper air circulation. This allows moist air to get into the house, in all places even in the crawl space. The temperature in the crawl space is usually lower. This allows the moisture to condense leaving water on the crawl space walls and floor.
Problems with water drainage around the crawl space may cause the water to get into the crawl space walls. Leaking pipes within the crawl space can also be the cause of excess humidity in the crawl space.
It is important to ascertain the cause of the excess moisture, so as to find a long-lasting solution.

What crawl space dehumidifier should you buy?

There is plenty of the crawl space dehumidifier in the market today, choosing one could feel overwhelming. When choosing a crawl space dehumidifier you must consider the following issues:

  • The capacity of the dehumidifier – The capacity of a crawl space dehumidifier is the amount of moisture the dehumidifier is able to extra in 24 hours.
The capacity is measured in terms of the level of humidity and the size of the crawl space.
The levels of humidity are:
  • 50 – 60% humidity - Moderately damp crawl space with a musty smell.
  • 60 -70 % - Very moist crawl space with damp stains on the floor and walls.
  • 70 -80% - Very wet crawl space with clear wet walls and floor.
  • 80 -100% - Extremely wet crawl space with puddles of water on the floor and dripping water on the walls.


It is important to ensure get a crawl space dehumidifier whose capacity is slightly above what you require. This is to ensure the dehumidifier is powerful enough to clean and dry the air completely.

  • Cost – most of us have budgetary restrictions. It is important to find a crawl space dehumidifier that is within your price range and has low maintenance and high functioning design
  • Buy a self-draining dehumidifier – for convenience, it is better to buy a crawl space dehumidifier that is able to drain the extracted water via a pipe to a safe place. Nobody wants to keep emptying the dehumidifier’s collection tray every day.
  • Ensure crawl space dehumidifier is energy efficient – it is important to get a dehumidifier that is high functioning while consuming as little energy as possible. Which crawl space dehumidifier you have to ensure its energy star rated!
  • High-performance air filtration – air purification is an important feature. A crawl space dehumidifier should be able to clean the mold spores and mildew out of the air. This reduces asthma and allergy triggers in the house. The air should also be cleaned of any unpleasant odors.
  • Remote control and automatic humidistat – if you can afford it get a crawl space dehumidifier with an automatic humidistat it will be able to sense the level of humidity in the crawl space and turn it on and off. This will save energy. Plus if you can control your crawl space dehumidifier remotely that would more convenient.

Sealing your crawl space air from the outside air. To ensure the crawlspace dehumidifier has stood a chance of lowering the levels of humidity, all the vents should be sealed, and install crawl space vapor barriers.
This ensures the air in the crawl space stays at a low level of humidity without moist air from outside getting into the crawl space. If moist air keeps getting into the crawl space the dehumidifier will operate unstop hence consuming more energy.

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