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How to Create the Perfect Wine Cellar?

How to Create the Perfect Wine Cellar?

Excellent wine generates enthusiasm. All wine experts agree that certain wines should be aged to reach their best quality. Good storage can enhance and ensure the taste of a wine, while bad storage can ruin it.

Temperature and humidity are two essential factors in wine storage. Wine should be kept out of direct sunlight and stored at a temperature between 52 and 58 degrees Fahrenheit. And the daily temperature fluctuation should not exceed 3 degrees. Otherwise, the wine will be expanded as it warms, forcing the cork to move or air to seep out. As the wine cools, it contracts, drawing outside air into the bottle. Therefore, changes in cork conditions will have a direct impact on the storage of wine.

However, humidity is a key but often overlooked in wine cellar design. For wine storage, the humidity between 50% to 70% is an appropriate range. And the humidity at 60% is an ideal condition. Without proper humidity, the quality of wine can be affected in many ways. When humidity exceeds 70%, it is likely to cause labels and glue to mold and degrade, damaging your storage area. When the humidity drops below 50%, the cork will begin to dry. The result is causing a loss of bottle fluid and an impact on the taste of the wine. However, even if you store your wine carefully, a small amount of air will get into the bottle through the cork. So you will feel the cellar is smelly.

Humidity problems can be solved or avoided with proper planning. We recommended that you should be to install a vapor barrier throughout the house. The vapor barrier is to prevent condensation from forming a vapor barrier that could potentially cause mold. In addition, you'll need an intelligent dehumidifier to keep the humidity at optimum levels.


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