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What is the Dehumidifier?

What is the Dehumidifier?

This is an electronic device, whose sole purpose is to reduce the level of humidity in the house. A dehumidifier lowers the humidity levels in the house to mainly avoid health complications and for health reasons.

There are dehumidifiers of a variety of sizes and different capacities: ranging from household dehumidifiers, commercial dehumidifiers to industrial-sized dehumidifiers. The level of humidity and the size of the space determines the right dehumidifier to buy.

How does a dehumidifier work?

Most dehumidifiers will have a fan that pulls the air from the room into the unit, where this moist air is passed through a number of coolant coils. Here the excess moisture is condensed from the air and collected in a collection tray while the dry air is passed through hot coils that warm the air before it is pushed out back into the room.

This process continues till the entire air in the space has been processed and the entire room level of humidity is lowered to below 50%.

The dehumidification process:

The dehumidification process takes place in two different processes, namely the :

  1. The outer circulation – this process is sub-divided into three different steps:
    • Sucking off the moist room temperature air into the dehumidifier by the fan.
    • Condensation of the moisture from the air.
    • Drying of the air by as it is heated copper tubes before being passed to back to the room.
  2. The inner circulation – in the inner circulation of the dehumidifier, the compressor sucks in low-temperature and low-pressure refrigerant gas (known as fluorine) to compress it into a high-temperature and high-pressure gas. The high-temperature and high-pressure gas pass through the condenser, so the copper tube is very hot.

For air heating, it becomes a medium-temperature high-pressure gas after heat dissipation. The medium-temperature high-pressure gas becomes a low-temperature low-pressure liquid after capillary throttling, and the low-temperature low-pressure liquid passes through the evaporator (copper tube and fin, copper tube at this time)

It is a low temperature, which is cooled by a humid air at a normal temperature to cause the water vapor to liquefy and precipitate. It is a low-temperature and low-pressure gas and then sucked into a high-temperature and high-pressure gas by the compressor, so as to reciprocate to form an inner circulation.

These two combined in all BaseAire dehumidifiers to ensure the unit consumes less energy while extracting more moisture from the house.

Dehumidifier type

  • Normal dehumidifier – this dehumidifiers only remain fully operational at room temperatures.
  • Crawl space and basements dehumidifier – built to remain fully operational at low temperatures as low as 3?


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