How to Dehumidify Your Basement

If you ask someone about the most humid place in their home, the answer would probably be their basement. It is usually due to inadequate airflow preventing effective moisture evaporation. Even more problematic is that many households keep their larger appliances in the basement.

However, you can make the situation much better and get rid of all of the problematic humidity using a quality basement dehumidifier. This write-up will discuss the humidity buildup in the basement and how a dehumidifier helps you tackle it.

Identifying Humidity

You can easily identify humidity in your basement by looking at the obvious damage. However, it’s sometimes way subtler than that, which makes it hard to identify potential problems. Here are some of the ways you can identify a moisture buildup in your basement:

Mold and mildew growth.

Foul odor

Creaky hardwood floor that caves in

Skyrocketing energy bills from heating and cooling

Weakening shingles and roof

The Problems Caused by Humidity

Humidity in the basement can cause a lot of damage to the wooden structure, causing decay and mold growth. As the mold growth continues, wooden floorboards and supporting beams will be permanently damaged. It doesn’t stay confined to the basement, as the sagging will eventually make the floors uneven, and they’ll start caving in. Moreover, pests might pop up everywhere, as they love mold-infested and humid environments.

That’s when you experience all the revolting odors, partly resulting from the mold and the increasing pest population. Those with asthma or other allergies will see them worsen as mold spores are one of the most common allergens.

Your problems won’t end in summer either, as the mold growth will substantially increase your energy bills. You must have noticed water dripping from a window-mounted air-conditioner, which is actually dehumidifying the air it cools. The more humid the air, the harder it has to work, increasing the energy bills.

Using a Dehumidifier for Basement Humidity

A crawl space dehumidifier can be a lifesaver for your home and family, keeping dangerous mold growth at bay. Here are some of the most noteworthy benefits of having a basement dehumidifier:

A Healthier Family

Keeping humidity under control with a basement humidifier ensures minimal mold growth in your crawl living space. Hence, you’ll protect your family from several health issues, such as asthma, headaches, irritation, and more.

It’s not just humans but animals too that are severely affected by humid air in closed spaces. Hence, your pets are also at risk of health complications if you don’t tackle this issue. Your pets will be happier and healthier if you get a quality dehumidifier. 

Pest Control

Controlling humidity and mold growth through a crawl space dehumidifier also means decreased pest growth in your home. As discussed above, pests love to multiply in a humid environment. You might also have to deal with venomous snakes if it builds up.

Improved Living Space

Less humidity also ensures a better living space experience. Some people try to do that by turning on the air conditioning, but that’s not a viable option in winter. Instead, a crawl space humidifier can do much better at a much lower price.

Reduced Energy Bills

Energy bills have been increasing in recent years, and everyone wants to save as much as possible on that front. However, a humid basement would make that virtually impossible because the air conditioning must be turned up. If you have a less humid environment, you don’t need excessive air conditioning, significantly decreasing your energy bills. If your humidity levels are regularly above 50%, it’s time to install a quality basement dehumidifier.

Reduces Condensation 

Condensation can be a paint killer, as it starts peeling off in bathrooms, kitchen, and the laundry room. However, it can affect almost any room, making regular use of a quality dehumidifier indispensable. 

Longer Lives of Delicate Items 

Humid air in the basement also damages many important items we store there, such as cardboard boxes, documents, photo albums, etc. All of these items can go rusty in humid air, resulting in substantial losses. A dehumidifier ensures dry air to protect all these items throughout the year. 

Similarly, if you have stored metallic items in your basement or anywhere else in the home, humid air can be highly detrimental to them. It causes rust and corrosion, ultimately making those electronics and appliances useless. Therefore, removing that air becomes indispensable for any home, which can be done best using a dehumidifier.

BaseAire Dehumidifiers - Your Perfect Dehumidification Companions 

Internal Corrosion Protection 

Humidification often leads to corrosion due to a leakage of hydroxide or sulfide. Moreover, the problem of freon leakage can also become a headache if not addressed properly. That’s why BaseAire Industry Dehumidifiers have robust corrosion protection that extends the coil’s life and provides a better dehumidification experience.

Automatic Defrost Mechanism

BaseAire Dehumidifiers have a special defrosting feature that lets them operate at a temperature of 36°F, which is quite low compared to competitors. It’s an automatic mechanism, which means that as soon as the AirWerx 90X detects frost on the coil, it starts an automatic defrost cycle until the frost is completely removed. Not only does it conserve energy but also increases the lifespan of the machine. 

Portable Goodness 

BaseAire understands that you might need to place your dehumidifier at different spots in your basement. That's why we have made our AirWerx55S portable and compact compared to the products from our competitors. If you’re moving homes, you can easily place our Dehumidifiers in a vehicle and take them wherever you want.

Modern Design & Functionality 

BaseAire has crafted the perfect combination of form and function with our AirWerx 65X. They’re highly functional and look good when placed in your home. Regarding functionality, we have included all the features that a modern consumer cares about, such as the MERV-8 filter, defrosting, and much more.

Get in Touch With Us 

If you also want to get rid of humidity in your home and want a healthy lifestyle, contact BaseAire today. We have some of the best basement dehumidifiers on the market with all the important features. Our products guarantee a mold-free, moisture-free basement at unbeatable prices.

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