BaseAire 360° Foldable 6000 Lumen Work Light for Mechanics Car Repairing Site, Waterproof

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Product Description

Product Description

· Premium Materials: Made of non-drying, non-hardening butyl rubber material, our sealant tape is ultra-flexible, high elasticity, great adhesion and extremely working temperature(-20°F to 176°F). In addition, it also has super waterproof and sound insulation, reducing the noise and wind when driving at high speeds.

· A Plastic Knife Set: Comes with a plastic knife set that helps you cut unwanted parts smoothly and quickly without scratching the surface to meet your need.

· Easy to Install: The rv roof tape delivers easy molding and instantly adheres to the surface of objects by pressing carefully(can be flattened or stretched). Before sealing, please make sure the sealing area is dry and debris-free conditions.

· Widely Application: Butyl seal tape works well on a varity of surfaces, such as rubber roofing, glass, plastic, wood, metal and etc. Designed for waterproofing, shock-absorbing and noise isolation, it's perfect for sealing windows, car doors, vents, joints, plumbing and house roof repairs.


Dimension: 1/8 Inch x 3/4 Inch x 30 Ft

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70 PPD at Saturation , 35 PPD @ AHAM

113 PPD at Saturation, 53 PPD@AHAM

120 PPD at Saturation, 55 PPD@AHAM

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1000 sq.ft

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