Baseaire Dehumidifier Remote Controller

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Easy Remote Control: The remote control is connected to your dehumidifier via a 25' CAT cable. The cable length is 26 ft/ 8 m. This allows you to control and monitor the dehumidifier you install in your crawl space or basement.

Multiple Functions: Dehumidifier on/off, humidity setting, switch between dehumidification and duct mode, temperature sensor, continuous mode, drain pump control (if available).

Big LCD Monitor: Simple symbol condition Indicator. In addition to monitoring surrounding conditions, the remote control includes an integrated sensor that offers multiple ways to remotely control your appliance.

Noise Isolation: The remote control is useful if the dehumidifier is located in an area that is difficult to access, e.g. a crawl space. Another valuable application for the remote control is to install the dehumidifier in one room (e.g. laundry room), and the dry air is ducted into a second room (e.g. a living room) where the remote control is located.

Supports only the AirWerx 35P/65XS dehumidifier from BaseAire. If you encounter any problem while using the product, please email us anytime.

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70 PPD at Saturation , 35 PPD @ AHAM

113 PPD at Saturation, 53 PPD@AHAM

120 PPD at Saturation, 55 PPD@AHAM

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1000 sq.ft

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