BaseAire Professional Knee Pads for Work; Gardening & Construction Knee Pads for Men and Women with Thick Gel Cushion, Adjustable Double Straps Industrial Heavy Duty Tactical Knee Pads

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Product Description

Product Description

·For professional protection– Knee pads have a extremely hard and durable outer plastic shell, for heavy duty work that involves kneeling, crawling, or squatting

·Stays in place - Metal rivet hinge design conforms to leg movement ensuring it stays in place while when walking or kneeling

·Flexible & Adjustable– Soft elastic straps are well above and below the knee, quick snap speed clips allow for easy attachment. Plus it comes with a non-marking grip strip is safe on any floor or surface

·For many uses – Knee pads for adult men and women are must-have for many jobs, including military/tactical, flooring, tiling, roofing, scaffolding landscaping, and HVAC work

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113 PPD at Saturation, 53 PPD@AHAM

120 PPD at Saturation, 55 PPD@AHAM

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1000 sq.ft

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