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Mold Remediation and Restoration

Mold Remediation and Restoration

Mold is costly, dangerous for your health and difficult to remove. Unprofessionally handled water damage can lead to the formation of mold. If the mold is left unchecked and monitored it could further reduce indoor air and create an unsafe environment. If you happen to have to have a mold problem do not hesitate to call BaseAire to inspect and assess your property and if mold is found, they have the training, equipment, and expertise to eliminate the problem.


Molds are part of the natural environment, Hence, Microscopic mold spores can be found everywhere, outdoors and indoors. This makes it almost impossible to remove mold from a home or business.

Consider the following mold facts:

  • Mold produces a strong, unpleasant odor and can lead anyone to a mold problem areas.
  • Mold is present almost everywhere, indoors and outdoors.
  • Before mold remediation begins, any sources of water or moisture must be dealt with otherwise the mold may return.
  • Indoor humidity should remain at 45 percent because higher-than-indoor humidity supports mold growth.
  • Mold spore thrives on moisture and can quickly grow into colonies when exposed to water.
  • Mold spores are microscopic and float in the air and may find their way into homes through windows, door or AC heating systems.

The following are 5 criteria for mold to grow:

  1. Organic food source: Mold colonies get their food from any organic matter, wood, wallpaper, fabric and upholstery and even plants and soil can all feed mold.
  2. Moisture or High Humidity: these conditions are the key environmental factors that lead to mold growth. Hanging up wet clothes, living near a body of water and others are the causes of moisture which results to mold growth.
  3. Moderate Temperature: Molds thrive in temperatures within 70, darkness and stagnant air. This range of temperature creates continuous growth of molds.
  4. Stagnant Air: If your home is poorly ventilated it can create pockets of stagnant moist air in which molds thrive in.
  5. Time: Molds grow in 24-48 hours if the conditions are right, hence creating a conducive environment for a continuous mold growth.

Mold Misconceptions

With misleading advertisements, one can easily understand why so many people are misinformed about indoor mold.  Sensational reports warn about the dangers of back mold and these stories can be alarming and confusing. Stay out of affected areas and don’t touch or disturb the mold.

What is black mold? Stachybotrys chartarum, this is the type of mold that often called black mold or toxic mold. Since many types of mold can produce allergens and irritants and should contact a qualified mold remediation company regardless of the color or type of mold.

Reasons why you should choose BaseAire

  • We use advanced mold remediation Techniques and equipment’s that detect the source of water feeding the mold, which assists in mold eradication from the areas affected.
  • BaseAire has highly trained mold remediation specialists that specialize in water and mold damage restoration. BaseAire Professionals  have the training and expertise to safely handle mold situation and the expertise include:
  1. Applied structural drying technician-This specialist has an in-depth study of the science of drying water-damaged structures and contents to facilitate appropriate decision making within a restorative drying environment.
  2. Applied microbial remediation specialist-water cause’s major problems with clothing, carpets, furniture, clothing, textiles and other organic materials. Within 24 hours microbes can start growing. During floods, common occurrences of mold occur due to the environment been filled with dirty water for several days.
  3. Water damage restoration Technics- These technicians are set to operate moisture detectors and water removers. With this comes the lifting and moving of heavy equipment, which requires a high level of manual dexterity.

Mold produces allergens and irritants that can cause health effects. BaseAire has understood mold and mold growth and trained and equipped their team to rectify the mold in your homes or business.

The following are five typical step of professional mold removal and remediation.

  • Source identification: Though the use of moisture detection equipment, such as thermal imaging, BaseAire technicians will identify moisture intrusion in residential and commercial structures. Potential sources are flooding, leaky roofs, humidifiers, damp basements or crawl spaces. The source of the water moisture should be addressed before remediation.
  • Containment: This is done through isolation of the areas contaminated to eliminate the spread of mold spores to other areas of the property.
  • Filtration: Negative air machines run continuously throughout the project.
  • Removal and cleanup: Contaminated materials are removed or remediated according to mold remediation guidelines. Carpet, drywall, furniture and other damaged materials may be replaced to prevent mold from reappearing.
  • Replacement: BaseAire reconstruction team can provide and install all the new building materials required to return all affected areas.

For any mold-related problems contact our highly skilled team to come to your aid whenever you need it.


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