Choosing a brand that meets all your air quality needs depends on a few important aspects;

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Unparalleled Value

High-quality air solutions shouldn't be prohibitively expensive for consumers.

Since 2012, we've been providing America's residents with high-quality dehumidifiers and ozone units equipped with premium components at surprisingly affordable prices so more families can enjoy a dry, comfortable and clean living environment. When you compare the different specs, you'll see the true value of BaseAire.

First-Class Performance, Outstanding Standards

Every BaseAire product is designed to perfectly meet the needs of the modern user. In addition to its excellent dehumidification performance, its low noise, energy saving and high safety make it the ideal choice for low-rise buildings, basements, underground cinemas, garages, washrooms and fitness rooms.

BaseAire has strict quality standards for its products. That means you can count on the durability, efficiency, and safety of their products. High quality standards are not only a requirement for equipment, but also a responsibility for every family.

US. Brand, US. Company

After-sales support is our number one concern. To ensure our customers have the best dehumidification experience possible, we have a support team in the U.S. made up of experienced experts in the air conditioning industry.

The team consists of engineers trained at top universities and American Lung Association certified air quality consultants. When you choose us, you get true professionalism and meticulous care.

Generous 5-Year Warranty

The five-year warranty promises to dispel your doubts and make sure your investment is worth it.

10% Discount on All Orders with Free Shipping

10% discount on all BaseAire products to the 48 contiguous states

Meeting Individual Needs

Different climates require different air systems.

Our healthy air experts can help you match your investment to your climatic needs.

James Patterson

From Florida.

"My basement smells musty because of the long-lasting dampness. I have tried many methods, but have not been able to get rid of it completely. Until I installed the BaseAire dehumidifier, the unpleasant musty smell finally disappeared. The device is easy to use and the effect is immediate. I will recommend this product to friends and family."

Daniel Thompson

From California

BaseAire's HD35P dehumidifier is truly amazing! I once sat and read next to it for an hour without realizing it was working next to me. It's really incredible how quiet it is!