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We Offer the Following Customization Options

Based on BaseAire's existing models, our professional R&D design team is always ready to help you develop new ideas.

Private label

We tailor unique branding materials for you that will capture the interest of customers and help you stand out from the crowd.


Product front sticker with LOGO

Customized control panel

Conforms to specification

Appearance Material & Color

Don't recommend off-the-shelf products, use unique colors and materials to meet the esthetic needs of modern consumers.


Enclosure material: choice of sheet metal or plastic spraying

installation type: fixed or mobile material

Supports any color matching

Product features

The market is always changing, mix, match and fully customize your customer's dream dehumidifier with numerous design and function options:


Optional voltage: 115V/220V

Flexible drain

Whether it can be connected to the air duct

Innovative Power

In terms of energy consumption, small size, low-temperature defrosting, etc., BaseAire has a number of approved patents and holds a leading position in the world. Among them, "small volume" technology and "ultra-low temperature" water molecule adsorption classification technology are our most important competitive advantage and also the driving force for iteratively expanding BaseAire's product matrix.

As of December 2023, BaseAire has filed a total of more than 120 patents worldwide, including 45 invention patents and more than 70 utility and technology patents.

Production Capacity

Our proud manufacturing capabilities ensure that your products are produced and delivered to the highest standards. With our modern production facilities and years of manufacturing experience, we can efficiently meet your needs. From raw material sourcing to final product assembly, we control every step to ensure consistent product quality.

Our team is experienced and proficient in various manufacturing processes, so we can meet your different customization needs. Whether it's small quantity customization or mass production, we will deliver stable and reliable, keeping your business running smoothly and giving you a competitive edge in the market.

Here is More Why!

Choosing a brand that meets all your air quality needs also depends on these four key elements: Product Value, Expertise, Quality Standards and Customer Service.