Warranty Policy

This article details the warranty terms that apply to the BaseAire product you have purchased. Please note that these warranties apply only to BaseAire products.

Reservation of Rights BaseAire reserves the right to update, modify or revise the terms of this warranty policy at any time.

Supported models

  • Low-ceiling dehumidifiers are backed by a 5-year limited warranty.
  • Ozone generators are covered by a 2-year limited warranty.
  • There is no warranty for accessories/gifts.

Warranty Statement

After you have provided valid proof of purchase and information, all defects in materials and workmanship of your product are covered by the warranty, including but not limited to:

  • Order number purchased through the official BaseAire store.
  • Order number purchased through Amazon/Walmart/Ebay, etc.
  • Purchase information from authorized dealers
  • Sales invoice or order confirmation email that clearly shows the product name, price and sales channel.

Regional limitation:

Warranty is limited to the country of purchase. Once the item is taken or shipped to another country, the warranty no longer applies.

Registration for warranty:

In order to better serve you, please complete the warranty registration form upon receipt of the product. If you do not complete the registration, the warranty period will be calculated from the date the product leaves our warehouse.

*Make a note of the serial number, order number and installation date in case of a warranty claim.

Warranty exclusions

1. Improper use, misuse, accidental damage or damage due to acts of God (such as lightning, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.);

2. Unauthorized modification, repair, disassembly or operation not in accordance with official instructions or manuals;

3. Any defects or damage caused by excessive heat, cold, liquids or other external causes;

4. The purchase voucher is invalid;

5. The warranty period has expired

6. You have tampered with the warranty certificate without authorization;

7. Products wear out over time.

Tips for fast self-healing:

Customer Obligations

1. Customers must take good care of the equipment they purchase, including proper and regular maintenance.

2. Customers must assemble and disassemble the equipment correctly, whether they do it themselves or hire a professional.

Before dealing with any problems, carefully read the dehumidifier user manual to make sure you fully understand the problem you are experiencing. Many common malfunctions can be corrected with simple self-adjustments before they affect your normal use or take up your time.

To facilitate repairs, you have the right to request replacement parts from BaseAire if they are covered under warranty. In this case, BaseAire will provide technical support and cover shipping costs.

If a replacement part is needed outside the warranty period, you must purchase it yourself.

If you are not sure how to deal with this problem, it is best to contact BaseAire or a professional technician for further advice and support.

Resource Support

If the problem you are facing is mainly related to maintenance, care or cleaning, we recommend you to visit our YouTube channel. There you will find many video tutorials on basic maintenance, and you can click here to view related articles.

Claim procedure:

If your defect cannot be repaired or you reject the above offer, please follow these steps to activate your warranty:

1. Prepare information for complaint

Please have the serial number, order number, and claim submission form ready. Our representative will contact you as soon as possible. You must provide a clear picture and explanation of the reason for your complaint.

In addition to submitting your complaint online, you can also contact BaseAire Technical Support directly by emailing sales@baseaire.com or by calling your local Technical Support number.

2. Verification of product problems

If our customer service department determines that it is a warranty issue, they will provide you with a Return Material Authorization ("RMA") number. You must package the product correctly, clearly mark the RMA number on the packaging, and include proof of the product's purchase date.

*BaseAire is not responsible for repair costs if the product is sent to a repair center without customer service instructions.

3. Product return options

  • Within 6 months: If the product has been used for less than 6 months, BaseAire will pay the freight charges.
  • 6-12 months: customer must pay return shipping costs. Other costs for a valid warranty are at BaseAire's expense.
  • 1-3 years: if the device is used for more than 1 to 3 years, all shipping costs will be borne by the customer, regardless of whether the warranty is valid or not.
  • More than 3 years: the customer can still return the product, but only to repair the compressor. In this case, the customer is required to pay the shipping and labor costs.

4.Method of processing

Upon receipt of your equipment, BaseAire will perform an initial inspection.

Under certain circumstances, exclusions may apply, as detailed below.

(1) Effective processing of claims

Once the claim is confirmed as valid, BaseAire will send you a replacement product of the same model as your current unit.

After BaseAire's warehouse confirms that we have received the defective product, we promise to ship the replacement product within 7 business days, not including delays due to force majeure.

(2) Invalid application processing

If, upon inspection, it is determined that your warranty claim is invalid, you will be responsible for payment of all related repair and shipping charges.

(3) Equipment that cannot be repaired

If the Device cannot be repaired and is still under warranty, BaseAire will provide you with a new Device if the claim is confirmed as valid.

The warranty period for the new Device will be the same as the original warranty period for the replaced Device and will begin on the date of delivery of the new Device.

5. Collection of the product

Once the repair is complete, our representative will contact the customer to arrange proper pickup by courier.

6.Extension of the warranty period

Once the operation is completed, the replacement product is subject to the remaining warranty period of the original product. The warranty period cannot be extended.

Additional support and services

  • Cancelation of the order: customers can request the cancelation of the order within 48 hours after placing the order at the official BaseAire store by email or phone. If the product has already been shipped, we will charge a cancelation fee.
  • Refunds can be made within 30 days from the date of purchase. For more details, please click here.
  • Customers whose products are less than three (3) years old are entitled to free inspection service.

If you have any questions or need further assistance during your warranty claim, please feel free to contact us. BaseAire always strives to provide excellent service and support to its customers.

If your defect cannot be repaired or you reject the above offer, please follow these steps to activate your warranty: