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Experience improved sleep quality, enhanced productivity, enhanced virus protection, and reduced allergens with the BaseAire Dehumidifier - your key to a healthier home environment.

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Crawl Space Dehumidifiers

-Recognized as the most efficient ENERGY STAR® in 2023

BaseAire crawl space & basement dehumidifiers are ideal for indoor humidity management in your home. We offer several models and humidity control capabilities to easily help you minimize harmful effects on your home's health, comfort, and structure. Additionally, our dehumidifiers operate very quietly at only 52 decibels, the equivalent of a whisper.

BaseAire dehumidifiers are home guardians. ENERGY STAR certified, affordable, and with virtually zero maintenance costs, they last for years. Whether it's a whole house, basement, or sealed tight space, BaseAire dehumidifiers can provide you with a comfortable, healthy, and sustainable environment.

Key Feature

√ Affordable prices and 10% discount on every unit!

√ Gravity Drain eliminates the need to empty the tank every hour and discharges directly to the floor drain

√ Built-in pump maximizes installation flexibility, draining heights up to 19.6 feet

√ Automatic defrost feature allows it to work efficiently in low temperatures (36 degrees Fahrenheit)

√ Follow-up maintenance is simple, and it is recommended that filters be cleaned or replaced every six months.

Other reasons homeowners choose BaseAire include:

1. BaseAire was born in California and our mission is to make homes healthy. We believe everyone deserves healthy air, and since 2012, we've been providing U.S. residents with exceptional dehumidifiers equipped with top-of-the-line components at surprisingly affordable prices so more families can enjoy a dry, comfortable living environment.

2. Responding to the government's call for environmental protection, BaseAire dehumidifiers have been recognized as the 2023 Most Efficient Energy Star. Each dehumidifier has the highest efficiency and greatest carbon reduction. Not only does the unit remove the same amount of water as a comparably sized dehumidifier, but EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) studies have shown that it saves nearly 20% on energy costs compared to non-certified, less efficient models.

3. Equipped with an innovative corrosion-resistant coil to prevent Freon leakage. This feature extends the life of the coil by providing protection and maintaining the heat transferability of the coil. In addition, each unit comes with a 5-year warranty.

4. After-sales support is always our primary concern. With 11 strategic operations centers on the East and West coasts of the United States, we are committed to providing first-class warehousing, after-sales service, and repairs. This layout ensures immediate, professional and courteous support in the event of an urgent customer need.

Right now to purchase a short floor & basement dehumidifier from BaseAire, you can also receive a 10% discount, no shipping charges, and same day shipping.

If you have any further questions or need more information, please feel free to call us at +1-880-990-7469, where our Tight Spaces Healthy Humidity Specialists are ready to provide you with personalized assistance and detailed information about our best practice services.

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AirWerx 55S Smart DehumidifierAirWerx 55S Smart Dehumidifier

Capacity: 120 PPD at Saturation, 55 PPD@AHAM

Size for: 1300 sq.ft

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BaseAire® AirWerx 65XS Dehumidifier Wifi ControlBaseAire® AirWerx 65XS Dehumidifier Wifi Control

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Size for: 1300 sq.ft

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Baseaire 70 pint dehumidifierDehumidifier for Basement

Capacity: 70 PPD at Saturation , 35 PPD @ AHAM

Size for: 1000 sq.ft

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AirWerx 55 Crawlspace Dehumidifier - BeigeBaseAire 53 Pint Dehumidifier

Capacity: 113 PPD at Saturation, 53 PPD@AHAM

Size for: 1200 sq.ft

Save $88.13
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Baseaire 55 pint dehumidifierBaseAire 120 Pint Crawl Space Dehumidifier

Capacity: 120 PPD at Saturation, 55 PPD@AHAM

Size for: 1300 sq.ft

Save $97.30
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Baseaire Commercial Dehumidifier for Basement120 PPD Commercial Dehumidifier for Basement

Capacity: 120 PPD at Saturation, 55 PPD@AHAM

Size for: 1300 sq.ft

Save $75.62
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90 pint crawl space dehumidifierBaseAire 198 PPD Crawl Space Dehumidifier, Energy Star Crawlspace Dehumidifiers Commercial Dehu for Home and Basements - Crawl Space dehumidifier from [store] by Baseaire -

Capacity: 198 PPD at Saturation, 90 PPD@AHAM

Size for: 2600 sq.ft

Save $157.06
Sale price$890.05 Regular price$1,047.11
Baseaire Best Basement Dehumidifier with pumpBaseAire 198 PPD Crawl Space Dehumidifier, Energy Star Crawlspace Dehumidifiers Commercial Dehu for Home and Basements - Crawl Space dehumidifier from [store] by Baseaire -

Capacity: 198 PPD at Saturation, 90 PPD@AHAM

Size for: 2600 sq.ft

Save $171.95
Sale price$975.05 Regular price$1,147.00
AirWerx 100X Basement DehumidifierBaseAire 220 PPD Crawl Space Dehumidifier

Capacity: 220 PPD at Saturation, 100 PPD@AHAM

Size for: 2900 sq.ft

Save $209.85
Sale price$1,189.15 Regular price$1,399.00
AirWerx 120X Whole House DehumidifierBaseaire 120ppd Dehumidifier

Capacity: 235 PPD at Saturation, 120 PPD@AHAM

Size for: 3300 sq.ft

Save $239.85
Sale price$1,359.15 Regular price$1,599.00

THE BaseAire Influencer

Our user community spans the globe. We have built strong relationships with a diverse group of individuals who embody and represent our brand. Each of our dehumidifier enthusiast partners participates in the marketplace with their unique needs and usage contexts.

You'll find them sharing millions of experiences on social media using our dehumidifiers in their homes to create ideal humidity conditions in their living environments. They challenge humidity issues, improve indoor air quality and become leaders in the indoor environment. Our influencers encourage everyone around them to have a comfortable living environment, create a healthier living experience, and enjoy the benefits of humidity.

FAQs About Dehumidifier

What's the ideal crawl space humidity level? +
The ideal humidity level should vary between 30% in winter and 50% in summer. This range helps prevent the conditions that can lead to moisture-related problems.
Where is the best place to put a dehumidifier? +
The optimal placement for a dehumidifier is in a central location within the room that needs dehumidifying, like the living room, bedroom, or basement. Ensure it's away from walls and furniture to allow proper air circulation for maximum efficiency. Place it on a flat, stable surface at least six inches from walls to prevent moisture buildup.
what size dehumidifier for crawl space? +
To determine the right dehumidifier for a crawl space, consider the space size and humidity level. Generally, a 30-50-pint dehumidifier works for spaces under 1,000 sq ft. Larger spaces or high humidity may need a higher capacity. Measure the space, check humidity, and select a dehumidifier designed for crawl spaces to ensure durability.
how much does it cost to run a dehumidifier 24 hours a day +
Calculating the cost of running a dehumidifier for 24 hours involves factors like unit size, energy efficiency, electricity cost, and home humidity. BaseAire dehumidifier typically uses 400-900 watts/hour. To estimate the cost, find the wattage (e.g., 400 watts/hour), multiply by 24 for daily consumption (9.6 kWh), and multiply by electricity rate (e.g., $0.13/kWh). Factors like unit size, humidity, usage habits, and time of day impact costs. Typically, running a dehumidifier for 24 hours can cost $1-$3/day.
Should I turn off my crawl space dehumidifier in winter? +
In some cases, you may not need to run a dehumidifier in your crawl space during winter if you live in a colder, low-humidity climate. However, if you're in a humid area or faced moisture problems before, it could be beneficial to keep it running.
How do you maintain a crawl space dehumidifier? +
Routine maintenance for a crawlspace dehumidifier typically includes cleaning or replacing the air filter every 6 months, and checking the coils and drainage system annually for any blockages or buildup. Regular maintenance ensures optimal performance and extends the life of the unit.