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BaseAire 113 Pint Commercial Dehumidifier with Drain Hose for Crawl Spaces, Basements, Whole House, Compact, Portable, Auto Defrost, Memory Starting, 5 Years Warranty, Commercial Industrial Home Use

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  • Water removal per day (AHAM, 80°F, 60%) : 53 Pints
  • Water removal per day (max. at saturation 90°F, 90%) : 113 Pints
  • Size for : 1,200 Sq.Ft
  • Air Flow : 120 CFM,205 CMH
  • Voltage : 115V/ 4 Amps
  • COP : 2.27 L/KWh
  • Length: 19.20in.
  • Height: 13.00in.
  • Width: 12.20in.

The AirWerx 55 is BaseAire’s most cost-effective model, suitable for users who are on a budget but still need a dehumidifier to control the humidity in their home. This commercial dehumidifier meets all your needs by removing 113 PPD (pints per day) at saturation and 53 PPD at AHAM up to 1,200 sq ft.

1. Compact and Portable - Compared with traditional dehumidifiers, this portable dehumidifier is smaller and more compact, and has more flexibility in transportation, placement and storage. Equipped with sturdy handles, it’s easy to carry from one room to another, ideal for crawl spaces and basements.

2. Easy to use - Equipped with control panel, compact electrical control with auto memory/auto control, relative humidity and temperature sensor, you can complete any job with just a few buttons. On the other hand, this professional dehumidifier is designed with remote monitoring function, and it is also a good choice for sound insulation and space saving. You can also buy a remote control from our store.

3. Automatic Defrost - A quick and efficient defrosting process, truly makes the dehumidifier able to work at a low temperature (36 degrees Fahrenheit). If frost is detected on the coils, an automatic defrost cycle runs to avoid frost build-up and issues associated with that build up, which makes the unit work continuously and efficiently without periodic stopping during the defrosting process, saving energy and making the unit last longer.

4. Internal corrosion protection - An advanced technology to minimize corrosion and freon leakage. As you know, in dehumidification applications, there is always get oxide, hydroxide, or sulfide, which lead to rapid corrosion of regular coils and leakage of freon. This innovative feature extends the life of the coils by providing protection against, maintaining the coil’s heat transferability.

5. Design for the modern home - For the satisfaction, we designed this professional dehumidifier with the modern consumer in mind. All special features make it the best for crawlspace, basement, and commercial applications, auto defrosting system, optional Remote control system, MERV-8 filter, Low-temperature operation and C-ETL listed.

FULL Feature List

Ultra-compact design with super performance

Adjustable foot pad and portable handle to transport and install easily

Easy to use graphical control panel

Gravity drainage for no need to check the tank regularly

MERV-1 filter to protects internal components from damage from dust and other particles

Rare earth alloy tube evaporator to avoid freon leakage and prolong the service life of the coil

Auto defrost technology to allow operation at low temperature (36 degrees Fahrenheit)

Humidity sensor of bypass air design to read the ambient temperature and relative humidity 

Auto restart to remember the settings in case of power failure

Automatic diagnosis system to get troubleshooting tips through error codes

Optional Duct-Hot air exhaust for focused Dehumidification

Optional remote control for remote sensing and control areas


Ideal for small spaces -- crawl spaces, basements, warehouses, offices, garages, seminars, apartments, gyms, restaurants, bars and gun rooms.

5 Years Limited Warranty

Six Month parts and labor warranty. This includes the shipments charges for replacement parts or unit. 

One Year parts and labor warranty. This does not include the shipment charge to send the defective product back to be repaired or replaced. 

Three Years parts and labor warranty for the Refrigeration System ONLY (Compressor, Condenser, and Evaporator). Transportation cost, not included 

Five Years parts warranty on the Refrigeration System ONLY (Compressor, Condenser, and Evaporator).Transportation cost, not included

What Comes in the Box?

1 - AirWerx55 

1 - 6.5 ft Continuous Drain Hose

1 - User Manual

1 -Guarantee Card

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  • Zork January 26, 2023

    From the Amazon

    I put it in my shop to help with rust control, it is way to small for that but it will help. The fan noise bothers me. I get out 3 gal. a day and can tell a difference. But the shop is 60X40x16.

  • S. Mayer November 17, 2022

    From the Amazon

    Easy to install and works as advertised. I don t use the remote control and I do not know if its energy effecient, but otherwise I am very happy with the product.

  • Alessio Patel November 10, 2022

    We are surprised at the capacity of water that’s pumped out of our basement. We don't know we had that much moisture in our house! Hopefully some of our health issues will be solved. We can already distinguish the difference of our stuffy noses and achy joints. Also, our wood floors are creaking less. We are satisfied with our purchase. We ' better have finished it in the past few years.

  • Efe Beltran November 07, 2022

    I put it in my semi-finished crawlspace. It works very well. It's better than a store-bought dehumidifier. I like that it moves the air. The crawlspace doesn't keep stagnant. I wish I could've gotten the version with a pump. When I needed it, it can't work normally. I've to put it in a box for drainage. I'll think about hanging it from a beam at some point. I decided to go with this humidifier.