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How to Eliminate Moisture and Odors in Your Crawlspace?

How to Eliminate Moisture and Odors in Your Crawlspace?


Are you dealing with a persistent musty smell in your home? It's not just annoying; it can also harm your health and your home's value. This blog will help you understand why your house might smell musty due to moisture and what you can do about it. 

We'll explain why your crawl space is often the source of these odours. We'll also look at various reasons for the bad smell and give you practical solutions to get rid of it. Say farewell to that unpleasant odour and welcome a fresher, healthier home. Let’s begin. 

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Feature Summary: The biggest reason causing musty smell in your crawlspace is mold. Sometimes, this can also become dangerous for health of people living around. However, you can get rid of such a smell through professional help. Dehumidifiers are also one of the most professional solutions to eliminate musty smell.

What is the Cause of Musty Odor in Your Crawlspace?

You must know that the moisture-induced mould is causing the musty smell. However, we can explain it more clearly through the stack principle. Continue reading. 

A musty smell in your crawlspace usually happens because of the "stack principle." Imagine your house is like a big container with air inside. Sometimes, the air inside your house is warmer than in the crawlspace below it, especially in summer.

When this happens, the warm air in your house wants to go up, and it can sneak into the crawlspace through small openings or vents. At the same time, the cooler air in the crawlspace tries to come up into your house. This movement of air is what we call the "stack effect."

Now, here's the important part: If there are things like moisture, mould, or bad smells in your crawlspace, the stack effect can carry those bad smells into your house. That's why you might notice a musty odour in your living areas.

To fix this, experts often suggest sealing up the vents in your crawlspace, adding insulation to keep things more balanced, and controlling dampness. This helps stop the bad smells from getting into your home.

So, in simple terms, the musty smell in your crawlspace is caused by the way air moves in your house, and fixing it involves keeping the bad air out and the good air in.

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How to Identify and Solve Odor Sources?

Knowing where they're coming from is important to tackle bad smells in your crawlspace. Smells can come from different things. Some are bad and stinky, like when something rots or sewage leaks. Others are like a damp, musty smell, often caused by mould and too much moisture. Figuring out which kind of smell you have helps you know what to do next.

Stinky vs. Musty Smells

Stinky smells are sharp and unpleasant, like when something goes bad in your fridge. Musty smells are like a damp, earthy odour, similar to what you might notice in a basement. Understanding the difference between these two kinds of smells helps you find the source of the problem.

Fixing Each Type of Smell

Once you know what kind of smell it is, you can work on fixing it. For stinky smells, you should deal with things like cleaning up messes or getting rid of pests. Musty smells mean you have to control moisture and get rid of mould. Tailoring your solution to the specific smell problem ensures you get rid of it for good, so your crawlspace smells fresh and clean again.

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What are the Professional Solutions for Eliminating Musty Smell?

Dealing with a musty smell in your crawlspace can be tough if you try to do it yourself. It's often smarter to suggest getting help from professionals because:

  • Doing it yourself might not fix the problem completely. 

  • Pros know how to find and solve all the issues so the smell doesn't return.

How Pros Fix Crawl Space Smells?

Before we proceed towards how professionals fix musty smells, it is important to take care of a few things. For example, you must always look for a professional with good reviews. He should charge reasonable prices. The cost usually depends on the experience, skills, and methods your professionals adopt.

You should also consult your friends or colleagues to help you find the best professionals to fix crawl space smells. 

Let’s check how professionals help eliminate the musty smell in your crawl space. 

1. Figuring Out the Problem

  • Pros start by looking carefully at the whole crawlspace. They search for dampness, bad smells, mould, and leaks.

  • They use special tools to see how wet or dry the crawlspace is.

  • They see if the air flows well in the crawlspace, which is important to stop it from getting too damp.

  •  Pros also look for mould and wood damage and figure out where to work.

Identify prpblem for ground moisture and smelly air empty soda cans

2. Cleaning Up

  • They clear out all the garbage, dust, and dirt from the crawlspace.

  • If there's water, they pump it out and fix where it's coming from.

  • They also repair any cracks or holes that let water in.

  • When they find mould, they clean it up and use special products to stop it from returning.

Man cleaning air ducts humidity levels to get rid of mold growth, bad smells, and excess moisture

3. Putting Barriers

  • Pros install covers on the floor and walls to stop moisture from getting in.

  • They seal the openings and put in special doors to keep the crawlspace like it should be.

  • Sometimes, they put in fans to move the air around and stop bad smells from building up.

4. Keeping Things Dry

  • You can also use different options, like special products or dehumidifiers, to keep things dry.

  • It is always important to use specific dehumidifiers. One of the most trusted and recommended brands by professionals is Baseaire

Baseaire best products to  eliminate odors that comes from the crawl and wood rot

5. Regular Checkups

  • You must perform regular checkups on things to eliminate the musty smell. 

  • You should keep cleaning, checking the air, and keeping records of how damp it is.

Final Thoughts

Fixing the musty smell in your crawlspace is a job best left to the experts. Understanding how air moves between your home and crawlspace is important. DIY attempts may fall short, so recommending professionals is a smart move. They have a step-by-step plan: check, clean, and protect your crawlspace. They'll also manage moisture and remind you to monitor things. Following their lead, you can say goodbye to that musty smell and enjoy a fresh, clean home. Don't put up with the odour any longer—take action for a healthier home today!

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