BaseAire® O-UVC2 Pro Ozone Generator

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Product Description

With 10,000 mg/h ozone output and a timer function for a treatment preselection between 0 and 120 minutes, the O-UVC2 Pro commercial ozone generator effectively neutralizes odors in rooms or vehicles and enables the elimination of microorganisms in the interior air and surfaces.

Ozone is for use in unoccupied spaces only vacate the entire area during treatment.

Make sure no pets or people are in the space to be treated.

(WORD OF WARNING: All ozone generators should only be used in unoccupied spaces. Don't let people or pets enter the area until 30 minutes after ozone generation ends. Not available for sale in California; EPA Est. Number # 99216-CHN-1)

The economical solution for local oxidative odor neutralization and elimination micro organisms of surfaces like indoor air

Powerful Odor Elimination

  • Fights smell for your house. An ideal machine to cleans odors such as cooking fumes, musty odor, animal smell, smoke, and any terrible odors in your apartment.
  • Fresh air on your basements, workshop, office, factory, schools, and any public area.
  • It also absorbs new house smell and helps maintain a healthy environment when you moved to a new apartment or new house.


  • 110V/60HZ, 1.1A
  • Ozone output: 10,000 mg/h
  • Air Flow: 130 CFM / 220 CMH
  • Sound Level: < 65 dB
  • Applicable Area: 1,200 sq. ft
  • Dimensions(L×W×H): 10.2 x 6.9 x 8.7 in
  • Timer: 0-120 mins
  • Weight: 5.18 lbs
Elimination of Microorganisms

Ozone is produced by high-voltage discharge, decompose and polymerize some oxygen in the air into the ozone. Ozone is released from the machine into the air, O3 sticks to odors and other pollutants and destroys cell walls at the molecular level, as well as burnt odors. Its application method is similar to natural air purification during thunderstorms.

Multi-functional Ozone Air Purifier, Ozone Output of 10,000 mg/h, You Deserve It!

COMMON USES Odor decontamination in cars, boats, dumpsters, kitchens, bathrooms, basements, flood and fire-affected areas, as well as any cooking, smoking, pet, "musty", or general odors.

Advantages for the practice:

Handy compact unit

COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT: This O-UVC2 Pro ozone cleaner is equipped with a handle and is convenient to carry out. This is a great ozone machine for home, industrial, or commercial use, even hunting, on vacation, travel, really anywhere you need to clean air.

Removable and Washable Dust Proof Filter

Dustproof filter for keeping and protecting your Ozone generator and electronics parts clean, no need screws, easy and convenient installation. Reduce the fan and parts cleaning time, prolong working life, even if filter dirty, easy cleaning and replacement.


Easy to operate, Limit time length: timer limit time length ≤2H. (After the ozone machine works continuously for 2 hours and decomposed for 1 hour, people and pets can enter.)

Step 1:Connect the plug interface

Close the windows and doors during the space sterilization. Make sure no people or pets are in the room.

Step 2 - Set the Timer

Limit time length: timer limit time length ≤ 2H. (After the ozone machine works continuously for 2 hours and decomposed for 1 hour, people and pets can enter.

Step 3 - Leave the Room

Make sure no pets or people are near the area to be treated. We include a door hanger that can be used to notify others

Step 4 - Air-Out the Room

Air out the treated area for a minimum of 30 minutes before allowing people or pets to re-occupy the space.

If you notice any lingering odors, the area may retreat at a longer duration.


Remove Tough Odors

Ozone is very effective at removing bad smells and odors from your home.

Get Rid of Pollutants

Pollutants growth looks gross, smells bad, and can damage your health. You cannot let pollutants grow in your home!

keep a good Surrounding

When pollutants spread in the air, people get sick or develop allergy symptoms, it’s vital that you clean up your living space to protect yourself and your family.

Absorb New Space Smells

Fresh paint, new flooring, the latest furniture: Before moving into your new space, ozone can be applied to reduce these harmful chemicals so you are not breathing them in.

Flexible odor neutralization for many commercial applications (ONLY USE IN UNOCCUPIED SPACE).

New House




Ozone/lon output

10,000 mg/h


5.18 Ibs

Size For

1200 sq.ft


≤2 h


110V/60HZ, 1.1A

Temperature Range

14°F- 95°F

Air Flow

130 CFM/220 CMH

Functioning Humidity Range


EPA Number

# 99216-CHN-1


10.2x6.9x 8.7 in

Sound Pressure Level

65 dBA


2-Year Warranty

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Safety Certifications





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113 PPD at Saturation, 53 PPD@AHAM

120 PPD at Saturation, 55 PPD@AHAM

Size For

1000 sq.ft

1200 sq.ft

1300 sq.ft